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The Gospel’s Culture War

by Andrew Shi David Brooks, a widely respected conservative social commentator, observes in his New York Times column that Christianity is destined to lose the culture war around sex (if you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to read the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage). Mr. Brooks urges Christians to direct their social conservative views more towards visible service such as caring for the underprivileged rather than towards defending traditional dogma. Given Mr. Brooks is a man who practices and writes on spirituality, I find it surprising that he… Read more The Gospel’s Culture War

Football and Faith

by Rob Hendricks The lights. The fresh grass. The crisp autumn air. And…God? Nothing in my life has spoken Christ and the Gospel into my life quite like the gridiron. From fear to depression to pain to idolatry to the Gospel, God has used football to move me through inward and outward trials to His surrounding, covenant love. Through football God has shown me that (as Andy Mineo raps in “Never Land”) “the way up is down; stay low to the ground and you close to the clouds.” For most… Read more Football and Faith

The Community Alongside Me

by KK Yu In graduation season, we are immersed in speeches and congratulations. We are reminded of our accomplishments as academics and scholars. We recognize ourselves, but we also recognize others. We see our fellow classmates walking the same path across the stage, and know that we could not have succeeded without their help. Family and friends visit, and we are reminded of the support they gave and continue to give. I am blessed to recently have had a chance to express my gratitude to the community around me, and… Read more The Community Alongside Me

The Fisherman

by Avery Hasenauer At a young age I was a restless child. Officially I believe it is diagnosed as the middle child syndrome, but I was always seeking attention and wreaking havoc on my other siblings. I recently watched a home video from when I was 5, and my parents literally threw a tennis ball off of a wall until I was tired enough to go to sleep. As you can imagine my desperate parents tried many techniques to settle their youngster down. It wasn’t until my dad bought me… Read more The Fisherman

On Justice and the Gospel

by Andrew Shi This summer I have the privilege of interning at the Clerk’s Office of the Supreme Court of Virginia. While the bulk of my work consists in administrative tasks, I’ve had opportunities to meet justices, go on field trips, and sit in and observe the court in session. My short time here has given me a glimpse into the complexities of law and the role that it plays in our everyday lives. Most people don’t think of law as a noble profession. Think of how lawyers are portrayed… Read more On Justice and the Gospel

To Work It and Keep It

by Justin Horst “Judeo-Christian religion encourages exploitation of the environment,” my professor intoned as I sat in lecture. I was attending my Environmental Psychology course like I did three days out of every week, and I took notes as I listened. A slide of Bible verses appeared on the projector screen. “These verses send a very specific message,” my professor said. “In the Bible, the environment is portrayed as a cornucopia of resources, a fountain that will never run dry, something given to us for our unrestricted use.” I read… Read more To Work It and Keep It

This Is My Father’s World

by Ben Anderson I love being outdoors. As an endurance athlete, I am in my element as I run, bike, or ski in nature, away from the bustle and stress of the everyday. In many ways, the outdoors — country roads, mountains, forests — are my home, a place of joy and peace. In these sanctuaries I strain myself physically, and feel the healthy burn of activity consume worries and anxiety, as a flame consumes thorns. I enjoy the sensation of air rushing past my face as I ride down… Read more This Is My Father’s World

The Prosperity Gospel

by Andrew Shi There is no prosperity. God’s people have rebelled against Him, refusing to heed His prophet’s warnings to acknowledge their sins and return to their God. As a result, God sends a foreign nation to invade and conquer them. But just when all seems lost in this moment of deep despair, the prophet of God writes a letter to the exiles, informing them that there is hope and deliverance to come. One verse epitomizes the hope and relief promised in this letter: “For I know the plans I… Read more The Prosperity Gospel