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(3) Reasons Why: Love is Active

by Dedzidi Ladzekpo PART 2 – Love Reacts Secondly, love reacts in times of trouble. In the great, unexpected wisdom that it brings, love can not only see our needs, but can anticipate and fulfill them. Yes, this one may include the word “act” in it (and kind of mess with my flow), but the concept of reaction has so many implications for our love. Although I may have easily gotten past the idea of love as something that is not exclusive, realizing that love is reactionary was a bit… Read more (3) Reasons Why: Love is Active

(3) Reasons Why: Love is Active

by Dedzidi Ladzekpo PART 1 – Love Includes My time here at Cornell has radicalized my idea of love. No longer is love a passive word, all about romance or infatuation. Love is and has always been active, because it truly engages me and challenges me not only as the recipient but as the giver. God has been so gracious to teach me a few important concepts about what love is through who He is and who I am as a Christian on this campus. Here are three reasons why love… Read more (3) Reasons Why: Love is Active


by Stephanie Cresseler I reach to touch you, to let you know I’m here for you, but the white dormitory cement wall is too dense for my hand to pass through, yet so thin I hear like it’s paper. I hear the handle stretch and door creak, pressed closed until it clicks. You climb on top of your ledge of a bed, the covers, a muted rustle. My eyelids droop close, barricading my sense of sight. But my ears protest, always working diligently into the night until the lights inside… Read more Fortified

Heroes and Villains; Right and Wrong: The Struggle is Real

by Amberly Robinson As a child I used to watch movies starring heroes and villains. I knew the difference between good and evil before I even understood how I came to be a part of this world. My thoughts were fueled by stories of innocent princesses, evil witches, scary monsters, brave knights and strong warriors. I watched Disney movies and I read about magic and missions. The stories were fascinating and exciting. But what I didn’t realize was that as I began to get attached to the fictional tales, to… Read more Heroes and Villains; Right and Wrong: The Struggle is Real