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The Gospel’s Culture War

by Andrew Shi David Brooks, a widely respected conservative social commentator, observes in his New York Times column that Christianity is destined to lose the culture war around sex (if you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to read the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage). Mr. Brooks urges Christians to direct their social conservative views more towards visible service such as caring for the underprivileged rather than towards defending traditional dogma. Given Mr. Brooks is a man who practices and writes on spirituality, I find it surprising that he… Read more The Gospel’s Culture War

On Justice and the Gospel

by Andrew Shi This summer I have the privilege of interning at the Clerk’s Office of the Supreme Court of Virginia. While the bulk of my work consists in administrative tasks, I’ve had opportunities to meet justices, go on field trips, and sit in and observe the court in session. My short time here has given me a glimpse into the complexities of law and the role that it plays in our everyday lives. Most people don’t think of law as a noble profession. Think of how lawyers are portrayed… Read more On Justice and the Gospel

The Prosperity Gospel

by Andrew Shi There is no prosperity. God’s people have rebelled against Him, refusing to heed His prophet’s warnings to acknowledge their sins and return to their God. As a result, God sends a foreign nation to invade and conquer them. But just when all seems lost in this moment of deep despair, the prophet of God writes a letter to the exiles, informing them that there is hope and deliverance to come. One verse epitomizes the hope and relief promised in this letter: “For I know the plans I… Read more The Prosperity Gospel

By Grace, Not Shame

by Andrew Shi “I used every weapon and tactic I could think of. We worked right through dinner into the night, and I wouldn’t let Lulu get up, not for water, not even to go to the bathroom. The house became a war zone, and I lost my voice yelling, but still there seemed to be only negative progress, and even I began to have doubts.” The above quotation is from an excerpt in Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Ms. Chua, who earned the infamous title “Tiger… Read more By Grace, Not Shame

Our Father

by Andrew Shi Prayer is wonderfully free and yet stupefies us in its simplicity. Where do I begin? What do I say? How do I say it in the right way? Quick—didn’t I promise recently to pray for someone? I feel a creeping sense of shame when I don’t pray long enough, or when I don’t feel anything happening in my prayer. I stumble in my speech, looking for that perfect word or phrase as if it could release the floodgates of God’s blessings and favor. In reality, my prayers… Read more Our Father

Finding God at Cornell

by Esther Jiang At times it can be difficult to find God at Cornell. When you stand in front of Day Hall, you can hear tour guides touting to the masses, “Cornell University was founded as the first non-sectarian university of the Ivy League.”  Ezra Cornell expressed his disdain for the “dead and putrid carcass of ‘the Church,’” as well as his hope for the triumph of secular humanism. Andrew White wrote A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, which ended with science replacing theology. At… Read more Finding God at Cornell