12/4/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-7:35 – Prayer

7:35-8:30 – Business + Logistics

  1. Jubilee Conference
    1. The weekend of Feb. break… and it’s free!!! (you have to put up $50 now, but will get it back later)
    2. In order to have Claritas pay, RSVP by TBD
  2. Blog/Social Media Involvement
    1. G4G posts!
      1. Join the Claritas staff as we volunteer for G4G this THURSDAY
        5 pm – 2 am, 203 Wyckoff Ave.
    2. Axios: keeping up with news that matters
      1. Sign up: http://info.axiosemail.com/SFR.html?asfr=1057626
  3. Claritas End-of-Semester Party!
    1. 6-8 pm @ 111 The Knolls on Dec. 8th (Carley will pick up if you let me know)
  4. Dinner at Karl’s
    1. When? Let’s just pick a random date and then commit.
    2. March 2nd (tentative date) – first weekend after February Break
  5. Deciding the theme for the next print issue! ~Brainstorm~
  6. Distribution Ideas
    1. How can we split up the work?
    2. What are the best places to hit?
    3. Fellowships and churches
    4. Other ideas
      1. Stickers

8:30-8:32 – Discussion

  1. Final notes/suggestions/reflections for the semester — Just email Carley

8:32-8:35 – Closing + Prayer


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