11/27/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-7:35 – Prayer

7:30-8:05 – Business + Logistics

  1. Augustine Collective
    1. RSVP form
    2. Deadline to sign up: Nov. 30
      1. Would be a great way to introduce a potential writer to Claritas and what we’re all about!! Let me know if you’d like me to contact someone for you.
  2. Print issue
    1. DONE for this semester!!
      1. Will be brainstorming next week about next semester themes!
  3. Blog/Social Media Involvement
    1. Status update (from Jamie)
    2. Blog theme ~B R A I N S T O R M~
      1. Continuing themes
        1. Muse
      2. Winter ideas
        1. Christmas post in addition to Advent
      3. Spring semester ideas
    3. Take a look at this, for later: Blog Writing Review
    4. And appease Jamie by signing up for this:
      1. Axios: keeping up with news that matters

        Sign up: http://info.axiosemail.com/SFR.html?asfr=1057626

  4. Party?!
    1. We have access to $500 worth of catered food, given by the Augustine Collective. Let’s make good use of it, eh?
    2. Saturday 12/8/18, 6-8pm @ 111 The Knolls
      1. (Carley will pick up if you let her know)
        1. Food, celebrating, discussion of articles

8:05-8:25 – Discussion

  1. Sign up to lead future discussions.
  2. Discussion article on ‘God Is Going to Have to Forgive Me’: Young Evangelicals Speak Out” Led by Abby Bez

8:25-8:30 – Closing + Prayer



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