9/25/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-7:40 — Pray + Logistics

    1. Augustine Collective
      1. Jan. 25-26th, 2019. BOSTON. FREE!
      2. Brief rundown of the conference

7:40-8:05— Blog + Checkin

    1. We need writers!
    2. Discussing themes for this semester:
      1. 600-800 words
      2. Exact schedule TBA
      3. Majors/Seeing God in school work– 7 posts
        1. Need a writer from each undergraduate college
      4. Lyric Break down– 3 posts, 3 playlists (Zach)
        1. Each article will be accompanied by a playlist of Christian music in the genre of the secular song!
        2. Pop, Acoustic, and R&B/Hip-hop
      5. G4G Hype– 6 posts
        1. Giving overviews of major theological questions, drawing on what people have asked during grill me for a grilled cheese in the past 2 years
      6. Advent– 3 posts
        1. Christmas movies
        2. How do we see elements of the OG Christmas story in current holiday favorites (Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story, etc. etc.)
    3. Catch up with Abby on piece progress









8:05-8:25 — Discussion

  1. Sign up to lead future discussions: 
  2. Discussion article on “Want to seem more likable? Try This.” Led by Carley Eschliman
    1. Where does the Christian perspective play in?

8:25-8:30 — Pray + Closing remarks


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