9/4/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-7:50 — Pray + Logistics

  1. Note for design team– change date to be the semester that we release the journal
  2. Distribution discussion
    1. Need volunteers to visit their/a fellowship group to hand out Claritas journals
      1. Cru (Fridays, 7:30)- James, Joe
      2. CU (Wednesdays, 7:30)- Carley, Abby
      3. AAIV (Fridays, 7:30)- Ellie, Anne-Sophie
      4. CBS (Fridays, 7)- Abby, Paola
      5. Bethany (Fridays)- Phoebe, Carley
      6. LCC- Cole
      7. Emmaus Road- Ashley
      8. Claritas Alumni- Cole
      9. Cornell Catholic??
    2. Use this presentation.

7:50-8:25 — Discussions

  1. Topic share: tell everyone what you’re planning on writing about!
    1. Small group abstract discussion (groups of 2-3)
  2. Discussion time
    1. Explanation of discussion time, invitation to sign up to lead future discussions
    2. Discussion of New York Times article on “Rational Suicide

8:25-8:30 — Pray + Closing remarks


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