5Q with the HQ: Business Manager Ashley Kim

Next up is Ashley Kim who will be our Business Manager! Ashley is a junior majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society.

Zachary Lee (Z): Congratulations on the new position! You were diligent and faithful by coming to the meetings throughout last year and did such great editing work, and we’re delighted to have you officially on the team now. What excites you the most about your role? What are some trepidations?

Ashley Kim (A):I’m really excited to be a part of Claritas and be connected to a huge community of intellectuals from multiple fellowships and backgrounds. I’m not really good at putting myself out there, so hopefully through this opportunity, God will bring me to develop relationships with new brothers and sisters on and off campus. Although I will do my best as the business manager / secretary of Claritas, I hope I will be able to manage the club’s finances and keep track of deadlines to maximize the potential of Claritas.

Z: What got you into wanting to take out this role?

A: I’m not a skilled writer. In fact, writing is very much out of my comfort zone. As a pre-dental student, I took two First-Year Writing Seminar classes during freshman year and never looked back. I wrote a lot in high school but stopped once I got to college. Although I might not be the one writing anymore, I find it such a blessing to have the chance to serve and help other Christian writers let their voices be heard. I believe that Claritas can make an impact on our campus. And having the chance to be working behind the scenes to prepare a stage for voices to be heard is such an honor.

Z: I really enjoy the theme for this upcoming issue; the act of consuming is so normalized that people rarely consider the effects, sometimes negative, of not controlling one’s appetite. How do you think Claritas can uniquely contribute to this conversation? Why does Claritas’ presence on campus become more important now than ever?

A: It is interesting that the cardinal sins include gluttony. I’ve always had difficulty understanding why it was included. Recently, many people I know have decided to fast or go on certain diets to focus more on God instead of food. Yet, food has the ability to bring people together and force them apart. One of the hardest barriers to overcome in interracial marriages is food, even when both partners are Christian. Claritas can definitely bring to attention the versatility of the role of food in our lives.

Of course, consumption does not entail just food, but pretty much anything. What we choose to watch, hear, or do affects us immensely. In today’s day and age, where everything is about self-satisfaction and what “feels right,” it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. We’re human; our greed is insatiable. Without a strong foundation found in the Word, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the constant flow of knowledge coming from social media, entertainment, music, and out environments. As Christians, it is important we come together in fellowship to weather the storm together.

Z: If money was not an issue what are some activities that you would want Claritas to do or host on campus?

A: I honestly wish Claritas could host discussions within religious organizations or other clubs on campus, and if possible, I hope Claritas could get connected with Christian organizations on other campuses.

Z: Okay last one: if you had a whole 24 hours of free time, what would you do with it?  

A: Ooh first of all, I would definitely sleep. Then, in the morning I’d probably just eat a bowl of cereal or something so I don’t need to waste time cooking. After leisurely eating and washing the dishes, I’d learn a new song on my piano or guitar then try to record it on my computer. After a simple lunch, to get some fresh air, I’d take a walk and once I return to my room I would either paint or spend a couple hours finishing up a 3D model kit (I have a pile sitting in my room because I just love making them). Finally, after washing up, I would just watch some movies on Netflix and go to sleep. This is pretty much my ideal day.





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