Versed in Christ, Pt. 2: Adam’s Song


James brings us our second poem of the Easter 2018 Poetry Series: Versed in Christ! He clearly has a knack for creative use of words, if you didn’t know already from his songs, so check out his poem below.

Adam’s Song

As he slept, she was awakened to new life
Hidden from his eyes ‘til morn, then brought forth
To animals given unique name, to wife
Given complement of intrinsic worth

Naked with no fear, naked body and heart
Soul exposed to truth, mind exposed to lie
There comes the wild serpent, craftier, more smart
To close wid’ning gap ‘long with chance to fly

Praise comes from trial, Satan, perfect candidate
The sweet taste of death, rec’pe passed to all
Seeing more they saw less, eyelids alternate
Knowing more they knew less, turmoil befall

Sound of divine presence touched the perished ear
Among greenery, hid from holy sight
Why dost thou hide and from where did you gain fear?
Standing alone, ‘twas influenced to plight

Pain of disobedience, now pain of foal
Reaping desperate what he has not caused
Sustenance no longer chore, light burden stole
Now live and rust, succumb to deathly claws

So clothed and sent away, gone from paradise
Eternal communion temporary
Angel and flaming sword sharpen their demise
‘Til sharpened nail cuts through adversary

Scripture References: Genesis 2-3, Romans 5:12-20

Van Haarlem, C. (1592). The Fall of Man [Painting]. Retrieved from Wikimedia.

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