4/17/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-8:00 — Pray and Logistics (led by Carley and Zachary)

  1. Devotional by Carley
    1. Going through the Bible in a year, just happened to read the story of David and Goliath this week
    2. How valuable the Bible is! We hear this story as little children (even if we are not a part of the church… this story is referenced in secular contexts as well), and it becomes more and more applicable and relevant as we find our own “Goliaths”
    3. Currently, not in the “prime” of my life… facing a lot of Goliaths
    4. However, we need not fear. Although we see what we are equipped with (perhaps a version of a slingshot) and are filled with feelings of inadequacy, we must not allow our own expectations determine the narrative.
    5. God can (and HAS) equipped us. Fully.
    6. As much as the battle was a physical battle, it was a spiritual one too; reference to Goliath being “uncircumcised”
  2. Brief takeaways from Augustine Collective (Zachary)
    1. More cohesion as a group; what are some social events we can do together? Feel more like a family than just a group that meets once a week
    2. Reader; literally from anywhere; we think are interesting to look at from a Christian perspective; write a reflection or a reflection or response to that journal

8:00-8:25 — Distribution Discussion

  1. Some cautions
    1. Not interfere with large group times
  2. Ideas
    1. We distribute at club fest; are there other club venues that we can share at? (Club Fest just for journals)
    2. Use the COAH website to see which churches have larger demographics that we can give to
    3. Create an “events coordinator” position to delegate activities for outside the group and “social coordinator” for activities inside
    4. Look at further partnerships with Veritas Forum and Chesterton House
    5. Other available distribution channels; channel and other activities

8:25-8:30 — Poetry Review

  1. Look over Sarah Castor’s Poem!

8:30 — Pray + Closing Remarks

  1. Sign up on the excel sheet
  2. Announcements
    1. Thursday (4/26)
      1. Beimfohr-Neuss Lecture with Mia Chung 7:30-9 @Sage Chapel
    2. Sunday (4/29)
      1. Measureless Concert from 3:30-5
      2. Carley’s Orchestra Concert 3-4:30 @Bailey Hall
      3. Live from Ithaca, NY from 6:30-9 @23 Cinema Dr


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