3/13/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-7:35 — Pray + Check Up

7:35-7:40 — Logistics Pt. 1

  1. Blog Announcement
    1. Looking for people who are interested in helping Jamie Har with the blog!
    2. To do: Updating the staff and bios, and organizing the articles already posted
  2. Friday Conversation
    1. Theology of Pleasure at Goldwin Smith Hall in the History of the Art Gallery from 5-7
  3. Timeline(s)
    1. Accelerated
      1. 3/13: Writers turn in their 2nd drafts
      2. 3/16: Editors send in your edits to your writers
      3. 3/19: Final Drafts are due
    2. Regular
      1. 3/16: Writers turn in their 3rd drafts
      2. 3/19: Final Drafts are due

7:40-8:25 — Writing *special workday!*

8:25-8:30 — Pray + Closing Remarks

  1. Remind about due dates
  2. Last pitch for helping with blogs
  3. Sign up on the Excel sheet
    1. Send out email at the end of the meeting with a new timeline and the Excel sheet for article sign-up


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