3/6/18 Meeting Notes

7:30-7:35 — Pray + Check Up

7:35-7:40 — Logistics Pt. 1

  1. Blog Announcement
    1. Looking for people who are interested in helping Jamie Har with the blog!
    2. To do: Updating the staff and bios, and organizing the articles already posted
  2. Deadline/Timeline
    1. Checking in on editing progress 
    2. New timeline – sent out by email. General timeline below:
      1. Second Drafts: due 3/9 @11:59 PM
        1. Editors will edit by 3/12
        2. Bonus: Claritas meeting 3/13 will be a work day! You’re welcome 🙂  
      2. Third Drafts: due 3/16 @11:59 PM
      3. Final Drafts: due 3/19 @11:59 PM
  3. Photos: assigning various photos to each piece
      1. Photographer ideas?
      2. Book-themed pictures
      3. Cover ideas? (i.e. painting)

7:40-8:10 — Read and discuss Esther Jiang’s “What Killed Robert Peace?”

  • Initial thoughts / Impressions of the piece / Point out what worked
    • Approaching sin from the “back door.” She introduces sin as something naturally relatable and understandable, without feeling the need to defend the entirety of Christianity/every permutation of sin
    • “Telling it slant”
    • Voice is present, argument develops naturally
    • Very focused; doesn’t feel the need to be superfluous; feel author’s voice
    • Thesis: last sentence of third paragraph: good place to put it!
      • Get to your point efficiently, introductions are important!
    • It can be controversial, but that’s ok! Not everyone has to agree with your writing. Sparking conversation is good!
  • Her inspirations
    • Started as a book she just really wanted to read; found the story fascinating (people should pick books that they’re interested in)
    • Ask, “Why is this issue important to me?”
    • She was thinking about how you can help marginalized communities, and how to get them out of poverty.
      • Robert Peace had the abilities to leave and escape from these conditions;
        • Reading through the book; people think of poverty either as an individual problem or a structural issue; also the way people view public policy…yet this is not the complete picture
        • Third aspect of spiritual poverty; we talk about how relationship with God was broken through sin; have that unique perspective to see a third type of poverty; noticed instances where Robert was trying to experience and keep in touch with his roots; keeping in touch with this drove him back
  • Her takeaways/advice and process when writing
    1. Starts with a question of “Why is this issue important for you?”
      • For Esther she really wants to help marginalized communities out of poverty; is education the answer?
    2. Think about the answers that have been given. Do those things actually fit the story that the book that you’re reading; does it give you satisfying answers; what is missing?
      • Two solutions provided in her piece  
    3. Are we leaving God out of the picture? What about God is it that you’re leaving out of the picture?
      • Final two paragraphs of her piece; that aspect of spiritual poverty
  • Things to improve
    • Expand on sin a little more a little more information about the origin of sin
    • She could have improved on mechanics
    • Explored more of the tension between the two answers that the world offered
    • Could have done better with transition between relational poverty and then talking about the Gospel

8:10-8:25 — Additional discussion including a “relevant” article titled, “What the world needs most is not our relevance”

    • Questions + Reactions
    • Calling out the idea of relevance; we shouldn’t pine after it
    • Being prophetic, speaking to what will last
    • Being relevant as being relevant to everyone, shying away from the truth
    • But, being relevant can also be positive
    • Frustration in how Christians are living now. What is their role in society, how do we contribute to it? Relevancy is one specific aspect to it.
    • Role of money in our lives, the american dream and Christianity. Love of money
    • A criticism: not distinguishing between gifts and idols

8:25-8:30 — Pray + Closing Remarks

  • Reminder about due dates
  • Last pitch for helping with blogs
  • Sign up on the excel sheet
    • Send out email at the end of the meeting with a new timeline and the excel sheet for article sign-up



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