(3) Reasons Why: Love is Active

by Dedzidi Ladzekpo

PART 2 – Love Reacts

Secondly, love reacts in times of trouble. In the great, unexpected wisdom that it brings, love can not only see our needs, but can anticipate and fulfill them. Yes, this one may include the word “act” in it (and kind of mess with my flow), but the concept of reaction has so many implications for our love.

Although I may have easily gotten past the idea of love as something that is not exclusive, realizing that love is reactionary was a bit more difficult. I grew up with thinking it was not wise to let anyone in and not proper to tell someone you are struggling. So, I never told. I never let anyone in. What I’m learning now is that perception places me in opposition to what the Lord has planned for us as humans. We are naturally called to make friends, to be relational (as everyone’s saying nowadays). We are called to ask for a reactionary love that comes with an informed relationship with the Lord when we are in need.

Even now, I deprive myself of this essential aspect of this inclusive, community-driven love in my selfishness and my pride. Please, stop letting your self-sufficiency get in the way and let love react to your anxieties. As Paul says, “cast all your anxieties on [God], because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7). As we are to mirror God through the perfect example of His Son, Jesus Christ, we must learn to react to others’ anxiety and serve not just as a comforter, but a full doer of the Word. In my times of trouble, being away from my home, it has become a necessity for me to allow love to react, and as God wills, for me to be the reactionary for not only my brothers and sisters in Christ, but any and all who need it.

How often do we only think of love as a comforter or a blanket over our problems? This is not what love is; it’s what we want it to be. In all of this I’ve realized that often times I project my idea of love on everyone, everything, and most importantly, on God. Sometimes, I just want God to be a comfort, a pacifier. But the great thing is that love is not God, but God is love. His love is not always comfortable, but it is perfect. It is corrective, disciplinary, challenging – it is reactionary. It may not always mean euphoria, but God, in His love, always knows exactly what I need.

I am still selfish and prideful and think that love should only come when I need it and how I want it. My love and my perception of it will never be perfect, but looking at the great love others show in the name of the Lord, I know that my own love will grow so that, in all, Christ will be revealed.

All Bible references are taken from the English Standard Version.

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This is the second part of a three part series by Dedzidi Ladzekpo.

Want to know more about Dedzidi? Read her bio here.

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